Members of the Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust family of schools are being invited to take part in a special competition that celebrates faith in troubled times.

Inspired by the words of chapter 35 verse 35 in the Book of Exodus, Project 35:35 is an invitation to use our artistic talents to respond to the challenge of the coronavirus outbreak by giving glory to God.

 In Exodus – which tells how God delivered the Israelites from slavery ­– the people were called upon to use their gifts to adorn the tabernacle that was built as a pace of worship before they reached the Promised Land.

He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of work as engravers, designers, embroiderers in blue, purple and scarlet yarn and fine linen, and weavers—all of them skilled workers and designers – Exodus 35:35

In these times of uncertainty, many people may question how anyone can possibly believe in God and, if they do, why he would let something like this happen.

Despite this, believers are flooding social media, reaching out to their places of faith, as faith leaders reach to them in return. They pray in earnest and yearn to be back in their places of worship. Why do they do this? What is your response in these times?

Explore your response to these questions by creating a piece of original art, a poem, a song or a dance.

Add a short explanation of your piece, including some of the following…

How did you create your work?
What inspired you?
How does your work demonstrate your faith response to coronavirus?
What has it made you think about?
What do you hope people will understand from it?

Bronze, silver and gold prizes will be awarded within each category.

To submit your work, please email a picture or video of the piece, along with your commentary, to The closing date is Sunday May 31.

Please state the category you are entering.

Category 1: EYFS and KS1
Category 2: KS2
Category 3: Years 7–9
Category 4: Years 10–13
Category 5: Extended family of NPCAT, open to staff, parents, grandparents, parish members and all associated with NPCAT.

Work will be displayed online and included in an exhibition when life is back to normal and we can all celebrate together as one family.

Project 35:35 is based on an idea from St Margaret Clitherow teacher Rochelle Nestor and is co-ordinated by NPCAT lay lead chaplain Angela O’Brien.