Our Catholic Schools are part of the rich inheritance that we cherish and value as members of our Church. Those of us who attended Catholic Schools recognise the great gift that was given to us through Catholic Education. So important is Catholic Education that the Church devotes one of its congregations (Ministries) to it.

“The Catholic School occupies an important place in the Church’s saving mission, since it offers a complete personal formation educating students in the fullness of the faith in a true Christian spirit. The Catholic identity of the school leads to the promotion of the whole human person, because it is in Christ, the perfect human being, that all human values find their fullest realisation and therefore their unity.”
(Declaration on Christian Education, Second Vatican Council)

There is a handbook that is designed to help you fulfil your role as a foundation governor in one of our Catholic Schools. Please be assured that the Diocesan Schools’ Service and the Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust will always be available to help and advise in any way.

I wish you every grace and blessing and I take this opportunity of thanking you in advance for undertaking this vital ministry in our diocesan schools.