Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust has made significant progress since its formation in September 2018.

The School Improvement Framework with the four-tier placement programme enables parents, teachers, governors and school leaders to have an annual insight into the current strengths of each school and the key priority areas for development.

The 2020-2023 Strategic Plan sets out ambitious targets for our Trust. With the strong infrastructure, we have the capacity and expertise to support schools to further enhance the quality of education and the levels of support to pupils and families.

The ongoing improvement in our secondary schools is evidence of our ability to enhance pupil progress and attainment and to prioritise a common understanding among all pupils, teachers and parents of our commitment to delivering the highest standards of behaviour under the NPCAT “Student Code of Conduct”.

The magnificent leadership within our family of primary schools has been endorsed at multiple levels, including the Ofsted and Section 48 inspections reporting on the high-quality care, teaching and learning, personal development and rich Catholic life evident in our schools.

Within NPCAT, we see the role of our governors as being essential to the success of our schools. We have a clear framework for governance and our innovative link governor programme further deepens the level of support and challenge to our headteachers.

Parental Engagement is essential as we work in collaboration with parents. As a Trust, we place a high value on clear and supportive communication between home and the school. All our parents and carers are very much partners, fully embracing our commitment to offer a highly challenging and stimulating curriculum in all schools, delivered within positive and supportive school environments.

Trust policies are available on our site and I would urge you to take time to reflect on these and perhaps they will prompt you to ask how you may be able to contribute.

We are a caring Trust dedicated to academic excellence and the spiritual and moral development of our pupils. Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust is a faith-based community and plays a positive role in the life of all our local parishes, whilst we welcome children of other faiths also.

CEO – Hugh Hegarty

Within our Trust, learning takes place in communities inspired by the Spirit of Christ. All our schools and our Trust-wide sixth form promotes the dignity, self-esteem and full development of each person who is made in the image of and uniquely loved by God.

As a Trust, we have sound principles by which we are guided.

All our communities are learning environments that allow for the academic, physical and spiritual development of all pupils.

All pupils participate in worship and prayer in the school and in co-operation with our parishes.

Our teachers pride themselves on providing opportunities for every pupil to make sustained progress through well planned highly challenging and motivating lessons.

Our schools provide a nurturing environment where there is an acceptance and understanding at all levels of the need to keep everyone safe.

In chorus, we acknowledge that positive learning environments must be a minimum expectation for every child, where everyone understands the importance of behaviour in a range of social situations. We celebrate and share the excellent practice of our outstanding schools, leaders and teachers in order to learn from their outstanding experience.

Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust has strong leadership at all levels, with staff continually being developed. We expect all our pupils and students to receive outstanding teaching within rich and varied learning environments. Pupils within the Trust access a sound education with deep spiritual immersion and learning that inspires and fosters curiosity.

All our schools offer a rich range of curricular and extracurricular experiences that challenge and enhance skills, talents and aptitudes.

Within the Trust, there is a commitment that parents and carers will be informed in a timely manner about their child’s attendance, progress, attainment and wellbeing. We seek to develop parents and carers as active partners in their child’s progress.

Our school leaders ensure all pupils transition from each key stage and each school phase in a fit and purposeful manner.

Through careful attention to the Catholic life within our schools, they are an engine for regeneration at the centre of the parish community and a hub that meets the needs and aspirations of our communities.