Hugh Hegarty | CEO
BEd Hons| CTC

The commitment to every child remains steadfast within NPCAT. As a Catholic multi academy trust, we are proud of our diverse school community.

The next three years will continue to see the impact of our school improvement strategy. We acknowledge that as global citizens it is essential that we equip our pupils with the relevant skills, qualifications and enriched experiences required to play their role as active and positive members of society within the UK and beyond.

The current economic climate places significant strain on society at all levels. The essential need to reduce the disadvantage gap has never been more acutely in focus.

Delivering a curriculum that inspires our young people is non-negotiable. Our curriculum leaders will shape the offer in a manner that addresses need and ensures planning and delivery manifests inspirational experiences where the quest for deeper knowledge and understanding is continuous.

We must identify and engage with key partners.

The establishment of the Industry Partnership Board will provide a fulcrum for discussion and research as we work collaboratively with industry to ensure we understand sector needs and future plans.

We must have direct insight into the world of tomorrow and have an ambitious curriculum which reflects the high aspirations of every child.
With university and industry partners’ insights we can shape our employability and Key Stage 4 and 5 study pathways, we will be best placed to have young people “ready to face the future”.