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Employment opportunities are predicted to be big within science and technology-related industries over the coming years. For example:

■ Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
■ Drone technology
■ Hybrid and low-emissions cars
■ Energy-efficient televisions, refrigerators, lighting
■ New fuels, such as hydrogen or bio-fuels (for example Biodiesel is made from rapeseed oil and other plant oils. It can be used in diesel-powered vehicles without needing any modifications to the engine)
■ Wind farms, solar power
■ Digital healthcare and assistive technology

See two fantastic Careers Guides below for further information about how you can support your child.

You will see some possible future jobs in this video below. 

The importance of work experience 

One of the most important benefits of work experience is its potential to provide opportunities for students to learn more about their own abilities. It helps them explore their strengths and weaknesses and identify the gaps in their skills

Employability is something we’re all keen to make sure we have on our side when leaving university, but how do you know what the key employability skills are?

Qualification Framework 

GCSE New grading

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Qualifications Levels

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