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Cloud Applications

Google Apps for Education and Realsmart

At Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust, we always endeavour to provide our students with the best educational opportunities.

This includes the ways we use technology to engage students and enhance teaching and learning.

The underpinning principle is to provide our students with access to the best online tools so they can seamlessly access their learning from anywhere at any time. To prepare students for working and collaborating in a rapidly evolving world, we have partnered with Realsmart and use Google Apps for Education (GAfE).

GAfE provides students and teachers with an online platform for communication, collaboration and working. All our students are able to log in via the schools’ websites and access their emails, calendar, files and documents, as well as creating new documents,  completing assignments and submitting work to their teachers.

GAfE also gives students access to thousands of online tools which use Google accounts, ranging from online video and sound editing to online maths tools and revision skills.

The unique way in which GAfE works allows students to work securely in real-time with one another, collaborate and share ideas, as well as being able to communicate with their teachers at any time, from any location and on any device that can connect to the internet.

Students can work on a desktop computer or laptop or install the apps to tablets and mobile phones

To find out more about GAfE, visit

Google Classroom 

Google Classroom is NPCAT’s chosen online platform within the Google Suite. Teachers are able to create online classes to set work and add resources to ensure at all times, pupils have access to their education even if they are not physically in the classroom. In addition, the virtual classroom can be used to post announcements and engage pupils in question-driven discussions. During COVID-19 lockdown, Google Classroom was also used to pilot ‘live lessons’ in NPCAT secondary schools. In 2020-21, NPCAT is committed to offer this platform in the secondary sector in the unfortunate event of any school closure due to COVID-19. All secondary school pupils will have up to date training to ensure they have full access to a high quality curriculum via live lessons. This online platform is in addition to a paper based curriculum for pupils who may need this. 

Online Learning Content

Trust Curriculum Directors will produce and manage high quality subject specific content to support remote learning and pupil achievement across the Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust. This content will be hosted on the NPCAT website. This platform of remote learning resources will provide additional support and guidance to pupils throughout the year, with a particular focus on Key Stage 4 pupils as they prepare for their GCSE examinations.

Alongside live lessons produced by individual schools, the trust will provide access to a suite of remote learning resources through the social media platforms: Youtube, Instagram and Twitter and through the development of a bank of narrated presentations which will focus on key skills within a subject area.