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Lourdes Reflection

I have never experienced anything like my pilgrimage to Lourdes in my entire life. It was the most breath-taking, moving, joyous week and I don’t think I could have enjoyed it more if I tried and I wouldn’t change this life-changing experience for anything.

There was never a dull moment or any time when I felt unsafe as the community that surrounded me was the most welcoming, friendly group of people. I’ve met so many incredibly inspiring people that I will never forget and can only hope I see next time.

These people made it so easy to talk to them as everybody had such a welcoming aura about them. Coming to Lourdes has made me realise that despite our world being full of conflict and war, there is a place where anyone can feel welcome, safe and part of an ever-loving family.

After my pilgrimage I came back to England feeling refreshed, much more open-minded and knowing there is a community in which I belong and a life-changing experience nobody can take away from me. I may not have experienced a physical miracle during my time at Lourdes but I have no doubts that Lourdes has changed me for the better which is a miracle in itself as far as I’m concerned. Nothing compares to the beauty of Lourdes and no words will ever do it justice.

A Sacred Heart student