We would like to thank all those parents who have taken the trouble to write, email and post social media messages to show their appreciation for their schools’ efforts during the pandemic.

Here’s a selection of the messages we’ve seen…

An email to Trinity Catholic College headteacher Mrs Louise Dwyer…

I am writing this email to congratulate you and your staff on a job well done. From one teacher to another, I know how hard it has been on all staff working in education. However, I have watched my son learning every day because of the dedication and commitment you and your staff have shown. Working from home is hard when you have children to home-school but because of your online lessons that stress has been taken away from me and I cannot thank you enough. I have heard from friends and family members who have children in other schools and they have not had the same privileges that my son has had. He has been so engaged and can tell me about everything he has learned in every lesson. So often schools receive negative comments and I feel that your staff need reminding of the amazing work that they are doing and I would really appreciate it if you could pass on my gratitude. Once again thank you and well done.

A Facebook message to the trust form a parent at St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School, Ormesby…

I would just like to bring to your attention the admiration I have for one of your head teachers. Mrs Lyndsey Phelps has and is continuing to go above and beyond her duties to do what I see is her very best for St Gabriel’s and the community. Without her strength and support St Gabriel’s would not be the school it is today filled with love and most of all “happy children”. I feel she deserves some kind of recognition for all her dedication and hard work. What we have is a very hardworking, dedicated lady that cares immensely about her staff and children. Thank you for reading. Year 2 parent.

A parent at St Pius X Catholic Primary School, Park End, Middlesbrough…

Most mums are in my position where we’re working full-time and the first bout of home-schooling was very difficult. Now all the children have access to Google Classroom it’s much better and the support from the teachers has been fantastic.

St Paulinus Catholic Primary School, Guisborough…

Shout out for St Paulinus teachers who are also showing such dedication and my children continue to feel part of the school family and are thriving with the structure provided – thank you!

All the messages below are from parents at St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School, Nunthorpe…

Our children are so lucky to be surrounded by such lovely and caring teachers, it’s no wonder they are so sad to not be at school. Best school in the world.

Amazing school, amazing staff, pupils and families are very fortunate to have such a school. Thank you for everything you all do.

St Bernadette’s is a really lovely school with caring, dedicated teachers. It has such a positive atmosphere, it makes one feel good just going in there and I’m so happy my grandchildren are pupils there. Thank you to all the staff for all the hard work you put in.

Couldn’t ask for a better school! Thank you for all your incredible work always, we are so very lucky to have you.

Thank you for all the amazing work you do St Bernadette’s – you have been amazing.

Amazing staff and school. Always putting their pupils first and ensuring they still have some normality during these strange times. Big thanks to all the teachers and staff for all you do, it does not go unnoticed. Take care all of you.

Thank you, St Bernadette’s. All school staff have been extremely accommodating and supportive to critical workers to ensure all our children can be cared for.

Our absolutely fantastic school and teachers. Only minutes after Boris was on last night we had all the info we needed via email for the next day. It was very clear everything had been planned well in advance. We are all very lucky to have you and thank you for everything you all do!

Thank you to all the staff at St Bernadette’s for going above and beyond. Very proud of you all thank you.

Thank you for working through the night so that our children could be together in assembly this morning and busy working by 10am! Missing school already.

Last lockdown I was a mess, stayed off work, had other family issues going on and many of you kept me strong. This time I’m confident, not worried and I know t you will all work hard and do your best and keep our kids safe (and us parents sane). Once again best school and staff!

Thank you for everything you do for all the children. Hopefully it won’t be too long before everyone is together again.

It’s amazing how the school and you guys as teachers have handled this pandemic. Made me really proud that Betty is part of St Bernadette’s. It’s such a shame that the government has done what it has done when schools like this one have handled everything amazingly! Thank you again for your support.

Thanks so much to you and all the staff at St Bernadette’s. We are so lucky to have you all!

We are so impressed at how quickly the school has managed the changes and the level of support already. I sat with Finn for this morning’s assembly and it was lovely, it brought a tear to my eye. Many thanks for all you all do for our children.

Can I just say again how impressed we are with everyone at the school. We are amazed at what you have managed to put together.

I just wanted to thank you both and everyone at St Bernadette’s for an outstanding performance last night and today in response to the latest lockdown news. To have the information announced so late in the day I am sure was extremely frustrating and difficult to deal with but the transition was excellent.

As a parent and governor I am extremely proud of the school and I wish you all the very best in the difficult time ahead.

Her enthusiastic attitude is down to you and the school ethos and I hope she will reward you with by working her socks off! Yet again, St Bernadette’s have surpassed expectation.

Hope all goes ok and just want to say how well the organisation of swapping to remote learning has come across through your communications.

Wouldn’t expect any different – fantastic St Bernadette’s!

An email sent to Ofsted from a parent…

I would like to provide some very positive feedback in connection with my children’s school St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary Nunthorpe Middlesbrough.

Within 1 day of school closures in January, parents were consulted and online lessons were set up.

My twin daughters are in year 1 and are taught by Miss Victoria Simpson.

We have had brilliant resources posted for us daily, with very helpful worksheets. Miss Simpson is adapting the resources appropriately and even adding extended worksheets for some children who might prefer extra challenges.

We have today had a live phonics lesson which my daughters loved, having their usual interaction with their teacher and class friends, which is so important in this climate, especially for working parents.

From reviewing the live lesson this morning, it is evident that Miss Simpson is also juggling teaching and looking after key workers children in class – and she is dealing with this brilliantly. I cannot believe a school can turn this around without any notice within one week.

Following the school reopening in September the school have been fantastic.

I have seen hardly any tears from school children attending our school. This is due to the loving, nurturing environment of St Bernadette’s and its teachers. Even in such difficult times the school has remained warm and loving towards our children. My daughters love coming to their school, even with the new policies and risk assessments due to Covid, which again the school have handled brilliantly. Due to these our particular year group had no closures from September to December.