Donations of cash and electronic devices have flooded in after St Pius X Catholic Primary School pupil made a touching appeal to help his classmates learn online.

George, a member of the school council, had all the equipment he needed to access Google Classroom lessons himself but realised many others were not so fortunate.

So he took to YouTube to ask for money and new or used tablets in the hope that no children have to miss out on their education during lockdown.

“I’m so lucky that I have this in my bedroom,” he said, pointing to his own tablet. “But we need everyone to be learning, so please donate money to our school.

“Even if it’s £1, it’s fine. If you have old iPads that still work, that would be good. We are the future, we can do this – stay safe! Thank you.” 

St Pius X began remote live learning for children in their homes on the Wednesday after the lockdown was announced, as part of a blended education programme. 

“George absolutely loved his online lessons and took part wholeheartedly,” said head of school Nick Bennett.

“But while he was enjoying learning and seeing his teacher and classmates, he was also acutely aware of the fact that not all children were able to access the live learning at home as they didn’t have devices.

“He felt compelled to do something about this and decided to launch an appeal on YouTube.” 

The appeal has been a phenomenal success and to date the school has received donations totalling £790 from well-wishers, as well as two electronic devices from the Teesside Family Fund.

Famous former pupils at St Pius X, which is part of Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust, include Boro chairman Steve Gibson and TV presenter and former player Chris Kamara. 

You can see George’s appeal here –

To donate to the school, please contact or telephone the school office on 01642 314453.