What is Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) tells us all about what is happening in the world of work or the labour market.

LMI can tell us about things like:

  • the number of job vacancies in each job sector

  • the type of vacancies — if they are part-time, full-time, temporary, seasonal or permanent

  • general trends in the world of work — such as which types of business are doing well or failing

  • what kind of businesses are opening, or closing down, in your area

  • the skills and qualifications that employers are looking for

  • what qualification levels and subjects people have

  • how many people are looking for work

  • Future jobs

Why do I need LMI?

LMI can give you a clear view of what is happening in the world of work, so you can make realistic plans for your future.

Knowing about things like the number and type of job vacancies, how work is changing and what employers are looking for can make it easier to plan what to do next.

It will also help you to find out about the qualifications and employability skills you will need for your career ideas.

You can use LMI in different ways at different stages:

  • If you’re still in learning

    LMI can give you an idea of the job situation and help you to find out which subjects or courses you might need for your career ideas.

  • If you’re looking for a job

    The more you know about the job sector you want to go in to, the better prepared you’ll be for job searching, applications and interviews. Employers will be impressed if you’ve got some knowledge of their sector and a career aim in mind.

Where can I find LMI?

LMI is everywhere you look — it could take the form of facts, figures and statistics or it could be a TV news story, website article or advert. Some examples of LMI sources include:

  • a newspaper article

  • a chart showing how many people are unemployed in Middlesbrough

  • a flyer for a new shop opening

  • a job advertisement looking for people to train as IT technicians

  • a conversation with a family friend about job losses at their workplace

  • a website with information about specific job sectors — you can find links to these in the Job sectors pages of World of work

  • things you’ve noticed about a company from taking part in a work experience placement

Remember — not all examples of LMI are equally reliable, so always check your facts with more than one source! For example, online discussion forums are often just one person’s opinion, while a news story usually has lots of research behind it.

Check out key information about the UK industry below.. Image result for PICTURE OF UK BUSINESS

Teesvalley Industry Information


• By 2030, 75 million to 375 million workers (3 to 14 percent of the
global workforce) will need to switch occupational categories.

Possible Jobs of the Future 

Other sources of LMI

• BBC Future and BBC Worklife
• Future Ready Schools
• Future of Humanity Institute (Oxford University)
• Future of Work Hub
• Futurism
• Institute for Global Futures
• RSA Future Work Centre
• School of International Futures
• The Futurist Institute
• The Future of Life Institute

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