Download Called to Serve Song Lyrics

It is very appropriate after that we consider the word service and reflect upon how, as schools we serve others. Pope Francis stated: “Those who lead, must serve.” Washing feet, Pope Francis said, “was the work of a slave, but it was a service. A service performed by slaves and Jesus wanted to perform this service to give us an example
of how we have to serve one another.”

As a Catholic Trust we unite under the theme of ‘Called to Serve’. Our bishop, Bishop Terence’s motto can be translated as ‘Looking forward in blessed hope’. This is what we are asked to reflect upon and turn these words into living acts of service, to bring hope to others – serving our communities and parishes.

Over the upcoming months all schools will reflect on what they can do to help the communities they live within whether that is:

  • Visiting the sick and house bound
  • Working with those with learning or physical disabilities
  • Supporting those who seek refuge and who are asylum seekers
  • Supporting those who are bereaved
  • Offering comfort to those who are suffering through illness
  • Looking for ways to support the homeless

Please return here soon where we will be sharing recent activities, stories and images of work carried out with our schools, serving our local communities.