Bishop Terry has written a special pastoral letter to all who work in and support schools throughout the Diocese of Middlesbrough, speaking of his pride in them and assuring them of his prayers…

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I write today to offer my sincere thanks and my thoughts and prayers for you, our Catholic family of schools, as you continue to work for the good of those you serve during the national crisis the country faces.

I know that to support those providing care and treatment to others, those keeping supply chains open and essential services to the most vulnerable, you have been asked to provide a safe place for their children at our Catholic schools.

To maintain such a vital service for the children of these “key workers” will require extensive planning from the part of those that lead our schools and trusts but crucially the continued commitment and dedication of those who have been called to serve in their Ministry to teach and work in a Catholic school.

I am immensely proud to see Catholic schools playing such a leading role in this time of national crisis, a time when we once again see Catholic schools living out the values that underpin our faith.

Understandably, we will all be feeling anxious and uncertain in what are unprecedented times, but it is precisely in these times that our faith provides the support and reassurance that Christ walks with us in good times and bad.

You and the work you do remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Yours in blessed hope,

Rt Rev Terence Patrick Drainey