Residents have praised St Bernadette’s Primary School in Nunthorpe after staff and pupils created a colourful “Wall of Hope” to cheer them up during these challenging times.

The vibrant artwork displayed on the railings at the front of school showcases children’s hopes and dreams for the future and includes prayers for loved ones and letters to the community.

Staff also supported children in designing posters of appreciation for all key workers.

“We wanted our local community to know we were thinking of them, so staff initially designed some rainbows and messages to let them know we cared,” said headteacher Paul Conway.

“It was so favourably received by passing residents and people who phoned in that staff felt invigorated to expand the work and engaged children at school and at home in a variety of projects.

“Our school values include being loving, respectful, determined and positive and so we are proud to be serving and supporting our community in whatever way we can.

“It has been so heartening to see how our local, parish and school community can walk hand in hand through this crisis. We have significant difficulties ahead, but I have no doubt that together, we will continue to rise to the challenge.

“We will continue to provide hope for everyone in our care and try to inspire and encourage people at this difficult time. We are all one community and together we will emerge from this stronger than ever.

“If you are safely able to pass St Bernadette’s on your daily exercise, please visit our Wall of Hope and see the work for yourselves.”