During Lent there is no better time of the year for renewal and reflection. The three important themes of Lent enable all of us: pupils, families, teachers and leaders to take time to prepare for the coming of our Lord at Easter.

We are called to serve in many ways and each school and community will be reflecting upon this during Lent and serving their communities in many common and unique ways.

  • Through prayer
  • Through fasting
  • Through almsgiving

All giving us the opportunity to serve the Lord through our actions and prayers.Each year we journey through Lent where we, like our Lord, will be tested. We journey through abstinence, times of fasting, confession and acts of mercy to strengthen our faith.

Our simple goal is to help ourselves and our communities to leave Lent as a stronger person and community of faith, than when we entered.

Let us hope that when we are tested, we are there to support and guide each other.