A big thank you on behalf of St.Peter’s Catholic College and Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust to Pickerings Lifts who have have donated 100 android tablets. https://www.pickeringslifts.co.uk/

The Samsung tablets, originally used by Pickerings engineers, were refurbished and donated to St Peter’s Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) department, to help support students with additional needs.

Tablet Donation

Nigel Rose, Network Manager at Pickerings Lifts said: “We wanted to donate our tablets to an organisation that would make good use of them.

When we spoke to the staff at St Peter’s, they said they would be delighted to accept them.” The Pickerings Lifts team took the tablets to St Peter’s Catholic College, where they met Karen Pritchard – Assistant Vice Principal for Learning and Support, Dan Jackson – ICT Services Manager for the Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust as well as the students who will be using the tablets in the upcoming academic year.

As well as the tablets, Pickerings Lifts provided heavy-duty tablet cases that students can use to keep tablets protected during visits and field trips. Karen Pritchard said: “Many of our students do not have tablets accessible to them at home, so we are happy to receive this kind donation from Pickerings Lifts. Over the summer holidays we will install maths, English and science apps onto the tablets, as well as translation software and alternative keyboards for students who speak English as a second language.