Hugh Hegarty – CEO

In September 2018, Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust was formed from the existing Catholic Academies in Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland and Stockton.

As a new Trust we bring together all the local Catholic Primary and Secondary schools from across the north of the Diocese of Middlesbrough.

We would not be here today representing our 38 schools without the foresight and enterprise of the women and men who devoted time, energy and resources to develop schools and colleges in our parishes. Work carried out to ensure that the missionary work of Blessed Nicholas Postgate continues to bear witness.

It is essential that we acknowledge that as a Trust we differ from many in the region for we have a Catholic identity in all our schools.

We are a caring Trust dedicated to academic excellence and the spiritual and moral development of our pupils. Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust (NPCAT) is a faith-based community and plays a positive role in the life of all our local parishes.

Within our Trust we envisage learning taking place in communities inspired by the Spirit of Christ. All our schools promote the dignity, self-esteem and full development of each person who is made in God’s image and uniquely loved by God. We will make a difference to all groups of children especially ensuring the most vulnerable in our society are not disadvantaged.

Our teachers will pride themselves in providing opportunities for every pupil to make sustained progress through well planned, highly challenging and motivating lessons. It is critical that our schools are a safe, nurturing experience where there is an acceptance and understanding at all levels of the need to keep everyone safe.

As a Catholic Multi-Academy Trust for the Diocese of Middlesbrough we have clear strategic aims built on our mission and values.

Our strategic plan aims to ensure that parents, carers along with stakeholders and the wider community have confidence in our approach. We will use the skills resources and staffing expertise within our schools.

Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust is committed to ensuring that we have

  • Excellent governance that challenges, supports and holds to account.
  • Strong leadership at all levels.
  • Staff continually being developed.
  • A balanced curriculum that has expert knowledge and individual needs at its core.
  • Pupils are in receipt of outstanding teaching and pedagogical knowledge.
  • Secure and effective partnerships with parents/carers, businesses and the local Parishes and community.

Pupils within the Trust will access:

  • A sound education with deep spiritual immersion.
  • Learning that inspires and fosters curiosity.
  • A range of curricular and extracurricular experiences that challenge and enhance skills, talents and aptitudes.
  • Our Governors and Staff can expect.
  • Schools that are both challenged and supported by the Trust.
  • A requirement for consistent high standards for all the pupils.
  • Opportunities to grow and develop as outstanding leaders and teachers and support staff.
  • Access to high quality school improvement expertise.

For Parents within NPCAT:

  • There is a commitment that parents/carers will be informed in a timely manner about their child’s attendance, progress, attainment and well-being.
  • We see a Trust that will develop parents/careers as active partners in their child’s progress.
  • We must realise Parents’/Carer’s desire for high quality Catholic education that meets the needs and extends the potential of all pupils in Primary, secondary and Sixth Form.
  • Our school leaders will ensure all pupils transition from each Key Stage and each school phase in a fit and purposeful manner.

For our Parishes and Communities:

  • Through careful attention to the Catholic life within our schools we will see schools that are an engine for regeneration at the centre of the Parish community, schools that are a community hub that meets the needs and aspirations of the community.

Yours sincerely

Hugh Hegarty